Leadership speakers and leadership training. weLEAD offers leadership seminars, leadership workshops, keynote speeches and leadership training for your organization. weLEAD offers education on leadership development, and management development for a reasonable fee.

Recap of the weLEAD
public leadership seminar
May 2006 in Orlando, Florida
Dr Howard Baker providing leadership training at a weLEAD leadership seminar in Orlando, FL.

Greg L. Thomas providing a leadership seminar and leadership training at Villanova University.



Leadership Development Programs Are Now Available Online via GoToMeeting.

Personal Leadership Webinar only $129.00 USD


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weLEAD founder, Greg L Thomas also offers professional "on-site" leadership seminars, management seminars, keynote speeches, and workshops for your organization or meeting! He can bring leadership development, training, or coaching directly to you. You can find out more about Greg's leadership credentials here.

Costs vary depending on your location, travel costs, type and length of program offered. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for this valuable service, please complete the form provided below and click the submit button. This will send your request directly to us.

Looking for a way to reduce your training costs?
weLEAD can perform your in-house leadership training online using GoToMeeting. You will not need to pay for the travel or lodging costs of a professional trainer! Just mention in the "comments" section below that you want to use live online training.

We will email a quotation directly to you within 3 business days!

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MP3 audio
excerpts from
actual seminar

1. How To Be a
Successful Failure

2. A Hidden Law of the

3. Do You Have An
Invisible Horse?

4. Don't Let Nitwit's
Define Who You Are!

5. What Will Test Your Metal?





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